WordPress is doing wonders in blogging world. Its extensive and rich features make it the desired platform for even a novice user. If you have your blog on working with WordPress and you are not familiar with its functionality here is the basic guide that will guide you to certain limit from where you can perform your desired work.

WordPress admin provides three basic components:

  • Admin bar
  • Dashboard overview
  • Navigations toolbar

The front-end changes of your particular blogs are made from this admin using different options in navigation. Some of the very basic and beginner’s level functions of WordPress were described in (how to begin with WordPress), if you are beginner then it’s recommended for you to go through it also. Here are few of the remaining basic level of functions that WordPress provides you.


Plugins are used to extend the functionality of your working with WordPress website. You can activate the built-in plugin by following the listed steps:

  • Go to admin dashboard
  • See navigations
  • Find out plugins in it
  • Open plugin
  • Select built in plugin if needed and then activate

In order to add a plugin that is not built in with the theme you can search it on web, download and import and then use it accordingly. Plugins are one of the most important functionalities of WordPress and has revolutionized WordPress usage by introducing plugins like woocommerce for wordpress. This particular plugin has strengthened the ecommerce world, although plugin may not provide you full functionality but it can customize and edited. Customization requires expertise which many of the users don’t have so it is recommended to hire wordpress developer who will make sure your desired requirements.

Devprovider offers professional expertise in terms of plugins development as we have got a solid experience in delivering such projects. Plugins also support mobile applications as you can integrate different apps in your wordpress website through plugins.  Service providing websites usually hire ios app developer and hire android app developer in order to develop mobile app for their websites and then the particular app is interlinked with the websites.