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Hire php developers
Hire php developers
Hire php developers

Adobe Photoshop services

As a leader in IT staff augmentation, Dev Provider offers full-cycle PHP development services through our team of expert consultants. We can help you build powerful web applications.

Image Editing & Manipulation

Precision image editing, cropping, color/tone adjustments, non-destructive editing and retouching tools to enhance, repair or modify images.

Photo Restoration & Reconstruction

Revive old, damaged personal photos using content-aware and healing tools. Reconstruct elements or piecing together fragments.

Graphic Design & Illustration

Creation of designs, graphics and illustrations using layers, shapes, paths and brushes for wide variety of visual assets and prints.

Logo & Brand Identity Design

Craft meaningful, scalable logos leveraging vector tools alongside developing style guides for cohesive branding.

UI/UX Design Assets

Produce web page components, app screens, dashboard mockups by combining photos, illustrations and guidlines.

Icon Library Development

Craft consistent, reusable and customizable icon sets for UI elements using shapes and symbols.

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We have successfully delivered results for clients across industries by providing the best talent and expertise. Read below to learn how our work has impacted businesses.

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Our IT staff augmentation services seamlessly integrate pre-vetted Photoshop developers into your existing team. Help in finding the right skills at the critical moment.

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Business Solution

Our full-stack Photoshop Team builds customized solutions for your business
no matter which industry you operate in.

Health and care

Health Care

Smart apps catering to the needs of healthcare service providers.

Travel and Tourism

Travel & Tourism

Customized solutions to boost travel & tourism business.

banking and finance

Banking & Finance

Secure software solutions to meet the needs of banking and fintech companies.

transport and logistics


Providing cutting-edge IT solutions tailored to your logistic business

ecommerce plateforms


Scalable B2B and B2C solutions to take your business to the next level.

media industry

Social Media

Innovative web solutions designed for media and entertainment domain.

Education Departments


Custom eLearning solutions to meet the changing industry needs.

transport and logistics


High-performing and cost-effective software development solutions.

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User Guide to Photoshop Designing

Explore the fundamentals of adobe Photoshop, from basic to advanced concepts, in this comprehensive user guide for photoshop designing.

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular graphics editing software used worldwide by designers, photographers and digital artists.

It provides non-destructive pixel-level editing across layers using a vast set of selection, painting and effects tools.

Photoshop files can contain raster images, vector shapes, text, layers and entire digital canvases called artboards.

Advanced features enabling 3D modeling, animation and video editing increase its versatility in visual content creation.

Photoshop has a number of built-in frameworks that assist designers in their workflows and enhance collaboration.

  • Photoshop Files: PSD, JPG, PNG editable formats for collaborating.
  • Assets Library: Reusable elements, icons, colors swatches etc.
  • Layer Styles: Live effects like drop shadows, glows without destroying layers.

Photoshop offers designers tremendous control over visual assets. Some key benefits include:

  • Precise Image Manipulation:
    Powerful selection and mask-based editing tools allow targeted manipulation and retouching.
  • Vector on Raster:
    Use pen tools, shapes and vector drawing features directly on raster graphics for crisp vector-like outcomes.
  • Actions & Scripting:
    Record multi-step workflows into reusable Actions. Complex flows can be automated via JavaScript scripting.
  • 3D Capabilities:
    Design 3D objects, apply textures, lighting for realistic rendered outputs or 2D extrusions of objects.

While Photoshop covers a wide range of designing needs, other Adobe applications and third-party tools are often used for specialized tasks:

  • Photoshop: Primary tool with layers, masks, effects, selection and painting tools.
  • Illustrator: For pure vector graphics, logos and drawings.
  • Dimension: 3D modeling and rendering tool.
  • Premiere Pro: Video/motion graphics editing for lower thirds, titles etc.
  • Plugins: Extend native tools via third party plugins available on the Exchange.

As designs may involve sensitive client assets and draft concepts, security best practices are important:

  • File Protection: password-protect shared PSDs containing confidential assets.
  • Layers Permissions: Allow custom permissions for team members to view/edit specific layers.
  • Actions Security: Beware of automatically running Actions/Scripts containing sensitive info.
  • Linked Files Safety: Avoid links to external files when the source cannot be trusted.

Certain optimization techniques help deliver design files and prototypes efficiently:

  • Image Optimization: Save layered PSDs in optimized JPEG/PNG formats via Slice tool for web.
  • Layers Management: Streamline and reduce unnecessary layers for efficient file sizes.
  • Profiling Images: Color profile raster images correctly for print resolutions and output.
  • Actions Workflows: Automate repetitive processes as reusable Actions for efficiency.

Being an open platform, Photoshop has a large worldwide community contributing learning content and additional resources:

  • Photoshop Official: Website, forums, tutorials and videos for latest updates and support.
  • Resources Portals: Useful design tutorials, presets and assets on websites like Envato, Graphic Design Forum.
  • Adobe Exchange: Download preferred plugins, scripts, custom shapes and more.
  • Professional Networks: Follow design communities and trends on Behance, Dribbble for inspiration.

Great Reviews

Our clients rave about the top-tier tech talents we provide, delivering outstanding results on their projects.

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"They are very willing to assemble the team that we ask for if we have certain preferences. Their flexibility and responsiveness ensure that our unique needs are met promptly."

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"Things that truly impressed me were their collaborative approach to team building, which fostered a strong sense of unity and creativity among team members."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions related to Photoshop designing that our clients frequently ask

Proficiency in raster editing, compositing, retouching, selection tools, layers, masks. Also familiarity with graphics standards like dimensions, formats etc.

It depends on your budget and timelines. Contract is good for short term work while full-time ensures commitment for long term goals but with higher costs.

The process involves screening resumes, practical test, portfolio review, technical and HR interviews, reference and background checks, documentation and initial project alignment.

We review quality, complexity and breadth of work, techniques and frameworks used, file organization, collaboration examples in the portfolios. An exercise tests specific skills.

Yes, we offer flexible staff augmentation models where you pay only for resources utilized. This supplements when demand fluctuates.

We have strict processes for resource management, communication, collaboration tools, code reviews, tracking work through project management software and providing mentoring/training.

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