A Dedicated Talent Solution for Focused Projects

Finding the Exact Right Fit

As the largest technical staffing provider, our talent network includes highly skilled resources across every industry. We’ll work closely with you to understand your project objectives, timeline, technologies used, and desired skill sets.

This information allows our recruiting experts to identify candidates with direct relevant experience. Multiple screening processes ensure only the best matches are presented.

Allocating a Fully Dedicated Resource

The selected individual is then fully dedicated to your organization, workflow and priorities. You gain a streamlined single point of contact exclusively focused on your work.

Resources can be embedded onsite or work remotely depending on your requirements. Flexibility is built in to adjust hours or involvement as needs evolve.

Achieving Optimal Project Results

Streamlined Communication and Accountability

With a Single Resource integrated into your team processes, collaboration is seamless. Regular touchpoints keep the engagement transparent and on-schedule.

You also leverage the candidate’s hands-on expertise in your specific domain for insights that can uncover efficiencies.

Resolving Challenges Swiftly

Our recruiting advisors are available throughout every engagement. Early issue identification allows us to take corrective actions to maintain productivity and quality.

Benefits of the Single Resource Model

As the leading provider of specialized IT talent, DevProvider’s Single Resource solution delivers dedicated expertise directly to your team.

Scalable Involvement and Oversight

  • Flexibility to increase or decrease the resource’s hours dedicated to your project based on changing needs
  • Tight alignment ensured through clear reporting lines and direct communication

Competitive Hourly Rates

  • Pay only for the hours worked without long-term hiring commitments
  • Rates that provide good value compared to full-time employee costs

Immediate Access to Hard-to-Find Talent

  • Source elite talent with niche skills that may be difficult to find via traditional hiring
  • Expertise you require is instantly accessible versus lengthy recruiting processes

Full Staffing Compliance Managed for You

  • DevProvider handles payroll, taxes, insurance, and other obligations
  • You have no extra administrative workload to bring resources on board

Leverage Industry Experience

  • Resources provide deep domain knowledge and best practices from past roles
  • Perspectives help identify workflow optimizations within your industry

Ensuring Successful Delivery

DevProvider handles onboarding to integrate our Single Resources smoothly into your workflows. Recruiting advisors then support your resource and team throughout the engagement.

This ensures your critical objectives stay on track. You benefit from our expertise to resolve any issues swiftly while maintaining productivity and quality.

Get Started with a Single Resource

When specialized talent is what’s needed to spur your initiative ahead, rely on DevProvider for a dedicated Single Resource solution.

Our matching process and recruiting experience delivers with the best match to your unique requirements. Contact us today to learn more!