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Hire php developers
Hire php developers
Hire php developers

LAMP Development Services

Our dedicated team of skilled professionals excels in providing IT staff augmentation services, offering
technical expertise and leveraging advanced CodeIgniter frameworks.

Website Development

Design and build dynamic, database-driven websites with blogs, eCommerce, or custom content management systems using PHP and integrating payment gateways, APIs, and more.

Application Development

Design databases, code websites, dashboards and other solutions. Develop RESTful APIs, microservices, and integrate with third-party platforms.

Migration & Upgrades

Aid in migrating LAMP stacks to latest versions, upgrading PHP, MySQL, Linux configurations to ensure continuity with minimal downtime.

Maintenance & Support

Optimize performance, scalability, security through debugging, applying patches promptly and monitoring uptime using servers and tools.

Hosting & Infrastructure

Configure cloud or on-premise hosting, set up Linux servers, PHP myAdmin, Apache and implement redundancy, backups, disaster recovery plans.

Consulting & Training

Provide advice on architectures, technologies and conduct skill enhancement programs to help establish development processes and standards.

Success Stories

We have successfully delivered results for clients across industries by providing the best talent and expertise. Read below to learn how our work has impacted businesses.

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What are the benefit that your team will get.

Our IT staff augmentation services seamlessly integrate pre-vetted LAMP developers into your existing team. Help in finding the right skills at the critical moment.

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Over 20 positive reviews and 7 top company Clutch Awards as a recognition of our quality and our commitment to the success of our clients.

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Business Solution

Our full-stack LAMP Team builds customized solutions for your business
no matter which industry you operate in.

Health and care

Health Care

Smart apps catering to the needs of healthcare service providers.

Travel and Tourism

Travel & Tourism

Customized solutions to boost travel & tourism business.

banking and finance

Banking & Finance

Secure software solutions to meet the needs of banking and fintech companies.

transport and logistics


Providing cutting-edge IT solutions tailored to your logistic business

ecommerce plateforms


Scalable B2B and B2C solutions to take your business to the next level.

media industry

Social Media

Innovative web solutions designed for media and entertainment domain.

Education Departments


Custom eLearning solutions to meet the changing industry needs.

transport and logistics


High-performing and cost-effective software development solutions.

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User Guide to LAMP Development

Gain insight on best practices when working with DevProvider’s experts in LAMP technologies.

Introduction to LAMP Development

LAMP is an open source web development platform consisting of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It is one of the most widely adopted stacks for building dynamic websites and applications.

Linux – Provides the operating system foundation. Popular distributions include Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS etc.

Apache – Leading web server software that handles HTTP requests and delivers content efficiently.

MySQL – Relational database management system for storing and retrieving data in tables.

PHP – Programming language used on the server-side to interact with databases, generate dynamic HTML content. Integrates neatly with Apache and MySQL.

LAMP enables rapid prototyping, robust coding practices, seamless databases integration and powerful features through PHP frameworks. Its low-cost, reliability and large talent pool have made it the mainstay for the web ecosystem.

Popular Frameworks

LaravelLaravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks for building robust APIs and web applications. Features MVC architecture, dependency injection,eloquent ORM etc.

CodeIgniterCodeIgniter is a lightweight, extensible, OO MVC framework best for small to medium projects. Options for routing, forms validation, security etc.

CakePHP – Full stack PHP framework focused on rapid development and RESTful architecture. Uses conventions over configurations for productive coding.

Symfony – Enterprise-grade PHP framework with emphasis on loose coupling, flexibility and performance. Built on components that can be used individually or as full stack.

These frameworks provide PHP developers standardized structures and features out of the box to focus more on application logic than framework setup.

Advantages of LAMP Stack

Being open source, LAMP offers significant advantages over other technologies.

It has minimal costs, proven performance at scale, flexibility to mix technologies, and a huge community backing it. 80% of websites run on LAMP due to these benefits.

Software for Development

Developer tools help improve productivity.

Popular IDEs include

  • PHPStorm
  • NetBeans
  • VSCode
  • Git is used for version control
  • Composer installs dependencies
  • XDebug helps debug code
  • MAMP sets up local environments fast
  • Postman tests APIs.
  • Redis/Memcached optimize throughput.

Security Challenges

Since LAMP powers many websites and APIs, it faces common web application vulnerabilities like:

SQL Injection: Malicious SQL code injection in vulnerable data inputs like user login.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): Reflected or stored XSS attacks injecting HTML/JS in pages output.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF): Forging authenticated HTTP requests from the user’s browser.

Remote/Local File Inclusion: Accessing unauthorized files by hijacking PHP’s include/require.

Broken Authentication: Weak credentials, account lockout, password reset weaknesses.

Framework functions, OS tools and best coding practices around input sanitization, escaping output and secure sessions are used to plug security holes. Regular audits, upgrades also keep the stack shielded from new exploits.

Performance Optimization

Techniques like caching, CDNs, database tuning, minification, server optimization and scalable architecture ensure apps stay quick as user loads rise. Error monitoring identifies bottlenecks for improvement.

Community and Resources

Stack Exchange, Dev blogs, certification exams, GitHub projects, books, and local/global tech events drive ongoing learning. Help forums provide platforms to crowdsource solutions rapidly. These support networks sustain the LAMP ecosystem.

DevProvider’s LAMP Services

DevProvider’s expert teams provide end-to-end LAMP development services:

  • Website building using CMS, eCommerce and custom solutions
  • API and application development
  • Migration, upgrades and maintenance
  • Performance optimization, monitoring and support
  • Linux server configuration, hosting and infrastructure
  • Consultation on architecture, stack selection and skill enhancement

We offer flexible resourcing models to suit your needs along with dedicated project management for successful delivery. Get in touch to discuss how we can help with your LAMP projects.

Great Reviews

Our clients rave about the top-tier tech talents we provide, delivering outstanding results on their projects.

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"They are very willing to assemble the team that we ask for if we have certain preferences. Their flexibility and responsiveness ensure that our unique needs are met promptly."

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"Things that truly impressed me were their collaborative approach to team building, which fostered a strong sense of unity and creativity among team members."

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"They understand and align with our preferences, making collaboration a breeze. Their proactive communication ensures that every project progresses smoothly and efficiently."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions related to LAMP Stack Development that our clients frequently ask

Our IT staff augmentation process involves assessing your project requirements, understanding your specific needs, and matching you with highly skilled LAMP developers from our talent pool. The developers will work as an extension of your in-house team, ensuring seamless collaboration.

Our experts help reduce development timelines and costs. We also take care of infrastructure management completely so your team can focus on core work. Our flexible models provide resources on-demand during project sprints or spikes in workload.

Yes, you have the flexibility to interview and select LAMP developers based on your project’s specific requirements. We believe in providing our clients with the autonomy to choose the right fit for their team.

All developers undergo rigorous screening. We follow coding standards and conduct code reviews. Projects employ security best practices like input validation, output encoding, access control lists. Regular security audits and version updates keep apps protected.

Security is a top priority for us. Our LAMP developers follow best practices for secure coding and adhere to industry standards. We implement measures such as data encryption, secure authentication, and regular security audits to ensure the safety of your applications and data.

Our onboarding process is designed to be smooth and efficient. Once you select LAMP developers, we facilitate a seamless integration process, including orientation, knowledge transfer, and collaboration tools setup. This ensures a quick start for the developers on your project.

Contact one of our sales representatives for a free consultation. They will discuss your needs, provide estimates and help you choose the right engagement model. Don’t hesitate to ask for service demos or case studies from similar projects.

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