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Hire Chef Services

DevProvider’s Hire Chef platform transforms culinary partnerships through innovative food talent connections.

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Project Overview

DevProvider partnered with a client to revamp their “Chef in House” platform, which provides premium “Hire Chef” services for restaurants, events, and private dining. Our team of experienced developers worked to enhance the platform’s performance, security, and scalability, delivering a seamless, user-friendly experience powered by modern technologies and a fresh design.

Problem Statement

The existing “Chef in House” platform, built on an outdated CodeIgniter (CI) version, faced issues that hindered its performance and user experience. These challenges needed to be addressed to ensure the platform remained competitive and efficient in delivering top-notch Hire Chef services.


DevProvider implemented a comprehensive modernization strategy to transform the “Chef in House” platform into a market-leading “Hire Chef” solution. Our key initiatives included:

Project Duration

Feb 2023

Start date

Aug 2023

End date

6 Months

Total time





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Key Functionalities Developed

Chef Hiring and Booking:

  • Customers can easily browse through a curated selection of chefs, filtering by cuisine style, region, and other preferences.
  • Intuitive booking system allows customers to securely reserve a chef for their desired event, dinner, or cooking class.
  • Automated email notifications keep customers, chefs, and the Hire Chef team informed throughout the booking process.

Secure Payments and Invoicing:

  • Integration of leading payment gateways, such as PayPal and Stripe, enables customers to make secure transactions.
  • Automated invoice generation and delivery ensure a streamlined financial management process.
Hire Chef in house 1
Hire chef in house 2

User Roles and Permissions:

  • Implementation of a robust user management system with distinct roles, including normal users, chefs, and administrative users.
  • Tailored access and functionalities for each user role, ensuring a secure and efficient platform experience.


Content Management and Promotion:

  • Seamless integration of a content management system, allowing the Hire Chef team to easily update menus, event listings, and other relevant information.
  • Optimization of the platform’s SEO and marketing capabilities to enhance visibility and attract more customers
Codeigniter project Hire chef in house

Chef Onboarding and Management:

  • Streamlined processes for chefs to register, showcase their skills, and manage their availability and bookings.
  • Intuitive dashboard for chefs to track their performance, earnings, and customer feedback.


Event and Catering Management:

  • Comprehensive tools for customers to plan and organize their events, including catering, team-building activities, and cooking challenges.
  • Automated scheduling, logistics, and communication features to ensure a flawless execution of these culinary experiences.
Digital Solution

achieving a seamless digital solution for the restaurant industry

Meet Expectation

Delivered on promises with precision, meeting client expectations

Client Satisfaction

Paving the way for continued success in the digital landscape.

Let us give you the best solution

Get a free consultation and let us know about your requirements. with one of our experts to discuss your requirements. We will analyze your needs and propose the best staffing approach.

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