In order to convey your thoughts to the world, blogs are the best place to go then. With the world that has become an internet community blogs are very much accessible. It’s the cheapest source of interacting with people around the world, share your knowledge and to also can be used for educational purposes. Begin with WordPress is one of the best sources of making a blog and to start blogging.  For professional blog or a website, it is preferred to hire cms developer who has expertise of WORDPRESS. Once you have developed your blog here is basic things you can do to start blogging.


Select a theme that suits your blog. Your selection of theme may depend on your domain. For example, If it’s an educational blog or entertainment or sports. Select the blog according to your domain. Or you can select a theme that’s very clear and looks are amazing. You can select a theme by following steps:

  • Open admin dashboard
  • Go to appearance
  • Select from built in themes
  • Import theme from other sources (optional)

Once you have selected the theme open it and click on activate. Looks of your blog will be changed accordingly.


Once you have your desired theme you can make different sections of your content or to provide specification to your content you can create pages. Steps to create a page are:

  • Go to admin dashboard
  • Select pages
  • Select Add New
  • Name your page
  • Publish your page


You can publish different posts on different pages; there can be multiple posts on a single page.  You can add posts by following the few steps that are:

  • Go to admin dashboard
  • Select posts
  • Add new posts
  • Select page/category under which it will be published
  • Publish post


To organize your pages, you made you will need a menu to display your pages in the blog or website home page. You can create a menu by doing these simple steps.

  • Go to admin dashboard
  • Click on appearances
  • Select the menu option
  • Create new menu
  • Save menu

You can delete and rearrange that menu from this section too.

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