Hire Mobile Developer

Many businesses hire mobile developer to develop and maintain mobile apps separately from websites to reach maximum number of potential users. Mobile apps not only keep it simple for users to reach out for the services or products they need, but they can also access them anywhere on the go. But to go for a mobile application development, you must define strategy for your business needs and functionalities which are important to achieve the targets. DevProvider can provide you core specialists in iOS, Android and HTML platforms depending on your defined requirements.

Technologies We Use

DevProvider - Mobile Developer - Technologies
  • DevProvider - Mobile Developer - HTML5 HTML5
  • DevProvider - Mobile Developer - CSS3 CSS3
  • DevProvider - Mobile Developer - PHP PHP
  • DevProvider - Mobile Developer - Bootstrap BOOTSTRAP
  • DevProvider - Mobile Developer - Apple APPLE
  • DevProvider - Mobile Developer - xcode XCODE
  • DevProvider - Mobile Developer - Android ANDROID
  • DevProvider - Mobile Developer - java JAVA

Developers Skills for Diverse platforms

Whether you want to hire iOS app developer to target Apple users in your region or want a hybrid mobile app for general users, you must have to outline explicit business requirements. Is this the right time to create a mobile app for your business? Should you get a native app or cross-platform app? Should it target local users or will it be global? Do you need geo-tracking and Google map? Should it provide chat facility? There are a lot of such queries that you should probe before start development of a mobile application.


Grab the opportunity to hire android developer or HTML5 app developer in quick, cheaper and efficient way through DevProvider outsourcing services. DevProvider have been developing native apps and providing mobile developers for projects related to ecommerce, retail, social platforms, cash back, health and fitness, sports, business and food domains. Our enthusiastic developers are equipped with latest and market competitive technical skills, which are as follows:

  • Expertise in modern programming languages and multiple platforms
  • Experience of mobile development with Agile methodology
  • Graphic design and user experience technical skills
  • Strong expertise of web services and API integration
  • Low memory usage and high Database performance skills
  • Hands-on experience of push technology, GPS integration and data integrity