Introduction To Tron And TRX

Introduction To Tron And TRX

Tron (TRX) is a controversial blockchain platform that isn’t shy to be a part of the headlines nearly every month. Wether that is a positive head line or a negative one that’s for the readers to decide. Tron is a blockchain platform that was launched as the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry. Created by […]

When not to use blockchain

Blockchain is the one of the most hyped developer technology these days. It can be a life saver for you but there are some cases in which it can do more harm than good. To decide that whether it is the right technology for you business model or not is totally up to you but […]

What are Dapps? A detailed explaination of Blockchain Dapps.

You came here to understand what are Dapps. Dapps stand for “distributed applications“. Imagine living in a world where when you aren’t using your computer; But someone else is using your processing power and paying you for it. Imagine you getting dropped off at work by your car and then your car is remotely used […]

Industries using blockchain

Blockchain is a very powerful and reliable technology that is here to stay. The word blockchain is associated with many applications and the major one is cryptocurrency. here we will talk about the Industries using Blockchain but before we get into that lets get into a little intro about blockchain. Blockchain, a word that is […]