Prototyping & Concept Proofing

Software application prototyping is most effective way to foresee functional behavior, proposed features and technical limitations of a startup project. We assist our clients to improve their conceptual system design by analyzing potential risks through interactive prototypes. All you have to provide is lean requirements and conceptual details with basic indicators of work flow to build visual wireframes, static design mockups or clickable templates. Business process automation and system simulation can be done cost effectively in limited time. Client can evaluate development and implementation risks by involving end users at a very early stage of project to know market worth and user acceptance scope for the exceptional innovation. Prototyping not only provides a quick overview of the behavior of concept but also enlightens the development phases and complexities involved in each step. It secures future investment of clients as well as reduces the development efforts.

DevProvider offers prototyping for multiple phases of a project conceptualization. We create:
  • Critically analyzed specification document for the models with ambiguous requirements.
  • Static mockups to finalize the specific aspects with clients as well as development team for quick outcomes.
  • Functional prototypes to elaborate data flow and diverse scenarios of the expected system.

Tools & Technologies


Invision App is an incredible, swift and reliable tool that lets you create mockups to represent the design transitions and flows between screens to other team members or client. You can upload interactive designs and create collaborations between design elements, pages or users. One of our most used features is the ability to send clickable mockups and designs to clients through email. It also allows sending it to phone via SMS, to let us test the designs in context.


Another great tool we use is Mockflow which offers a suite of tools for collaboration and reviews of the in progress designs. We use it for developing simple wireframes and expand it with interactions as we get feedback from client. It helps DevProvider usability engineers to identify limitations and required enhancements in the design and user experience.


Balsamiq allows us to become skilled at creating quick, simple, static but efficient wireframes. It lets you create multiple versions easily to get the best one for your clients. You can just present a simple interface image to get useful feedback from user to extend it to display the interactions between design components.

Browser Extesions

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