Hyperledger Composer is a framework for making applications on the blockchain, easier. It was designed to make the lives of developer easier. Hyperledger Composer is an open source product of the linux foundation. Composer gives you the ability to model you business network and deploy it in a blockchain solution in weeks rather than in months. Composer gets you up and running with REST API’s for you to integrate your existing systems and data with your blockchain applications.

Hyperledger Composer supports the latest version of Hyperledger Fabric v1.3 blockchain infrastructure and run time, which supports different types blockchain consensus protocols to ensure that transactions are validated according to the rules and policies put in place by the business network participants.

You can quickly model your current business network using Hyperledger Composer, creating all of your assets and the transactions related to them. In your business network model, you define the transactions which can interact with assets. Since it supports fabric so it also have the feature for permissioned blockchains. They include the participants who interact with them, each of which can be associated with a unique identity, across multiple business networks.

How does Hyperledger Composer work in practice?

In order to explain how the composer works let us take an example of a car selling and buying portals. A car owner can quickly model his business network like the following:

  • Assets: Cars and listings
  • Participants: buyers, car owners and realtors
  • Transactions: buying or selling car, and creating and closing listings

This example is based on Hyperledger Fabric support for composer and Fabric is a permissioned blockchain so the participants can access the transactions restricted based on their role as either a buyer, seller, or realtor. A simple application can be created that presents the participants with a simple user interface for viewing the listing of new cars and make offers on them. This business network can also be integrated with existing inventory system. A very simple example to give a very basic understanding of how the composer works.

Hyperledger Composer Project File Structure:

The file structure of Hyperledger composer consists of a folders and files along with a few configuration files.
The files are :

  • Model File ( .cto )
  • Script File ( .js )
  • Access Control ( .acl )
  • Query File ( .qry )
  • Business Network Archive ( .bna )
  • Configuration file ( .json )

Once the model and script files are compiled. There Archive file is created called Business Network Archive .bna Which is deployed or installing on the Hyperledger Composer.

Composer Development Stopped:

Hyperledger composer is a project of Linux foundation. The biggest contributor to the composer was IBM but the problem is IBM was the only one contributing to it as well. Instead of focusing on Hyperledger composer IBM is moving there attention to Hyperledger Fabric and improving it day by day.
Composer development has stopped on version 0.20 but it will support Hyperledger Fabric till version 1.9.
More on this here.
They also recently stated on there github page that Hyperledger Composer v0.20.6 can be used with hyperledger fabric 1.4.0. It doesn’t exploit any features of this release but does tolerate it. As hyperledger fabric 1.4 is the last version of hyperledger fabric v1, this is the last version of fabric the composer will support. Composer will not support the next major release of hyperledger fabric.

If you want to move your hyperledger composer project to hyperledger fabric than contact our blockchain development company.