Agile Project Support Through On-Demand Staffing

Agile Project Support Through On-Demand Staffing

Flexibility to Scale Your Technical Workforce On-Demand DevProvider offers on-demand staffing to help businesses flexibly scale technical capabilities up or down. Understanding Fluctuating Requirements In Depth Our consultants conduct comprehensive needs assessments through interviews and analysis. Key areas explored include seasonal patterns, common project types/timelines, core technologies used, potential skills gaps, team structures and productivity […]

A Dedicated IT Team Solution from DevProvider

A Dedicated IT Team Solution DevProvider is a leader in providing resilient technical support through our long-term Dedicated Team model. Understanding Your IT Landscape in Depth The first step is an in-depth consultation with our recruiting experts. We analyze factors like your core business functions, applications and systems powering operations, prevalent programming languages and databases, […]

Single Resource Staffing Model

A Dedicated Talent Solution for Focused Projects Finding the Exact Right Fit As the largest technical staffing provider, our talent network includes highly skilled resources across every industry. We’ll work closely with you to understand your project objectives, timeline, technologies used, and desired skill sets. This information allows our recruiting experts to identify candidates with […]

IT Staff Augmentation: Pros and Cons

IT Staff Augmentation_ Pros and Cons

In today’s fast-paced world, technology is everywhere and the need for skilled IT professionals is high. However, finding and hiring the right talent can be difficult. That’s where IT staff augmentation comes in. It’s like adding extra team members from outside your company who have the skills and knowledge to help with your technology projects. […]

Steps for hiring remote developers

Steps of hiring remote developers

As the global workforce continues to embrace remote work, businesses are presented with a wealth of opportunities to tap into a diverse talent pool and operate on a global scale. The remote work revolution, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has ushered in a new era of flexibility, productivity, and global collaboration. However, managing remote teams […]

Best Websites to Hire Web Developers Remotely

Best Websites to Hire Web Developers Remotely

Introduction In today’s globalized world, businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning to remote work arrangements. This trend has extended to the realm of web development, where many companies are now hiring remote web developers to build and maintain their websites. Remote web developers offer a number of advantages, including flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and access to […]

Upgrading to fabric 2.0


If you are familiar with previous releases of Hyperledger Fabric, you’re aware that upgrading the nodes and channels to the latest version of Fabric is, at a high level, a four step process.

Backup the ledger and MSPs.
Upgrade the orderer binaries in a rolling fashion to the latest Fabric version.
Upgrade the peer binaries in a rolling fashion to the latest Fabric version.
Update the orderer system channel and any application channels to the latest capability levels, where available. Note that some releases will have capabilities in all groups while other releases may have few or even no new capabilities at all.
For a look at how these upgrade processes are accomplished, please consult these tutorials:

Upgrading your components. Components should be upgraded to the latest version before updating any capabilities.
Updating the capability level of a channel. Completed after updating the versions of all nodes.
Enabling the new chaincode lifecycle. Necessary to add organisation specific endorsement policies central to the new chaincode lifecycle for Fabric v2.0.
As the upgrading of nodes and increasing the capability levels of channels is by now considered a standard Fabric process, we will not show the specific commands for upgrading to the newest release. Similarly, there is no script in the fabric-samples repo that will upgrade a sample network from the previous release to this one, as there has been for previous releases.

The new features of hyperledger fabric v2.0

hyperledger 2.0

Hyperledger Fabric has recently launched the most major release and went from v1.4 to Fabric v2.0. It delivers important new features and changes for users and operators alike, including support for new application and privacy patterns, enhanced governance around smart contracts, and new options for operating nodes.

The ability to upgrade network components on your own terms, with support for rolling upgrades from v1.4.x, and the ability to enable the new capabilities only when member organizations are ready remains in the new update.

Blockchain and Intellectual Property. Can this be the Solution?

IP or intellectual property refers to anything created using one’s intellect such as a poem, an art, a business plan, inventions and so on. IP is protected by laws in the form of patents, trademarks and copyrights, which help the owner to earn recognition and financial benefits from their creations. Today we will discuss how […]