What is PHP CURL and How to use It

What is PHP CURL? CURL stand for Client URL. CURL is a library to switch information via more than a few protocols like http, ftp, tftp and many others. First cURL library was released in 1997. CURL challenge was initially introducing by Daniel Stenberg. CURL mission has 2 section, cURL command line tool and libcurl […]

How to run cronjob on Windows localhost without Windows Scheduler

Every once in a while, a web programmer runs into a situation where he/she has to refresh the page to load latest data into MySQL database. It could be because of a API limit, it could be because he has limited rights on his development machine or a development server, it could even be because […]

Requirement Gathering Process For Web Applications

The first phase of web application development Is to gather the required and desired requirement from the client. These requirements can also be taken from users through thinking from the perspective of users. Many of the cms development and other development organizations takes much emphasize on gathering of the requirement gathering process for web applications. […]