All medium to large businesses requires email integration and optimization to run marketing campaigns and send billions of emails without getting blacklist. Mailchimp, the email marketing service introduced several features and integrations that allow users to send bulk of marketing emails, automate promotional messages, and run targeted campaigns for customer engagement.
DevProvider got refined expertise to assist you in managing and setting up your forms, lists, newsletters and campaigns in Mailchimp using Mandrill to make contact with target customers and stakeholders.
We extend our services to help our clients for establishing and sustaining email performance. We also provide troubleshooting and support services for any issues related to mailchimp integration, automation and optimization. Our experts keep polishing their skills to accomplish current developments and release for our customers. We are proud member of Mailchimp Experts community who offer their services for one-on-one MailChimp training program to make naive users explore and learn its rich features and benefits.
Our email marketing integration services include: